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"Finally, a Medieval game that isn't just another dumb fantasy... "

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Mount and Blade is a lot of fun.

The game play is far more addictive than the screenshots would lead you to believe. There's no spells to cast or dragons to ride. It's just historically (conceptually) based.

And that's what makes it great. The level of authenticity it has.

It doesn't take long for you to start thinking of all the ways the game could be improved, but for something made by a third party developer it's quite impressive. The game play is every bit as fun (more so, if you ask me) then Elder Scrolls and games like that and is very open ended. Each game you play will be different and offer a serious challenge.

Large scale battles, authentic medieval weapons and armor, and open-ended game play are offset by the occasional glitches and how much more could really be done with this game; which may well make it a diamond in the rough. But still a true gem nonetheless.

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04 Sep 2012

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